And welcome to the Foreclosure Red List from the island of Maui.

I’ve have personally witnessed over 5000 foreclosure auctions! The very first was in 2003. For the last 10 years we have been documenting with video capture. Before 2010 and we captured with audio, along with pen and paper for our data results. We are fully connected to social media and updating dating weekly and many times daily.

I thank you for dialing into our YouTube channel, please subscribe. We are a mutual party who are reporting factual Judicial and None Judicial Foreclosure Auctions. We favor neither party to the subject.

We have seen and captured a wide awry of foreclosure events, some with high human drama and some straight and solemn.

It is our intent to present this information for the public’s further investigation. Please feel free to comment, share and ask questions.


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Maui's Foreclosure Red List

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2016 brought 311 Foreclosures to the County of Maui

2017 brought 276 Foreclosure to the county of Maui

2018 brought 210 Foreclosures to the county of Maui

2019 brought 142 Foreclosures to the county of Maui

2020 brought 56 Foreclosures to the County of Maui

2021 brought 84 Foreclosures to the County of Maui

2022 brought 53 Foreclosures to the County of Maui